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Why are people afraid to have an athletic body? Because sport is suffering.

The suffering of athletes in competitions entertains viewers, but no one wants to suffer, especially for free.

Athletes receive their salaries for their suffering in competition. Ordinary people get their salaries from regular jobs. The work of an ordinary person is usually a sedentary lifestyle.


People know that athletes are injured and take doping. This destroys the health of athletes and makes them disabled.

Sport takes away health, time and money and gives suffering in return. No person in their right mind wants to play sports or think about an athletic body.

But ordinary people have heard that exercise improves health. Exercises strengthen the heart, muscles, bones, joints and burns excess fat.

Exercise improves health, but it doesn\’t come quickly. If something hurts, then the pill will help faster. People go to the doctor in case of illness, not to the fitness club.


The salaries of famous athletes are millions of dollars. This is a payment to one person from millions of viewers.

The salaries of cardiologists are the largest in America among doctors. This is because heart disease is the most common cause of death. In third place are medical errors.

Most ordinary people will die either from heart disease or from medical error. Here\’s a simple choice before retirement.

Some people understood this and went to a fitness club. In America, 10% of people paid for a fitness club.

Every fitness club has fitness trainers who earn $ 12 an hour. But the loader man gets $ 15 an hour!

What is the likelihood that a fitness trainer with a paycheck less than that of a loader man will improve the health of the average American?


There is no difference between the bodies of ordinary people and people who go to a fitness club. But it must be!

If you exercise for health benefits, your appearance improves too. «Size/quarter» is not a sports training method, but a wellness one with measurable changes in the body.

You can have the health and athletic body like a gymnast, wrestler or soccer player without injuries and drugs. But you can\’t be healthy with pre-obesity from overeating and weak muscles from a sedentary lifestyle.

People who go to a fitness club and look like people who do not go to a fitness club are wasting their time.

Stop wasting your time and start writing your health book – your exercise and nutrition diary.

To get your health workbook, send me a message

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