Три упражнения

Normal weight and athletic body

To set a goal for workout, you need to assess your body type.

Pre-obesity without muscle

Most men over forty suffer (or still enjoy) pre-obesity.

Usually these are men who have a sedentary lifestyle and not be able to pull up.

From a medical point of view, they have an excess of fat mass and a lack of muscle.

The «Size/Quarter» method was written specifically for these men, to bring them to athletic body. So they can enjoy not only food, but also health.


Normal weight without muscle

Some men know how not to overeat and live at a normal weight. However, a sedentary lifestyle does not save muscles on the body.

Such men do not suffer from pre-obesity, but they have a lack of muscles and want to have an athletic body.

For such people, the «Size/Quarter» method will help too.


Pre-obesity with muscles

Some men have professional sports or military backgrounds.

Once upon a time they had an athletic body because their work required it. Then the job changed. An athlete could become a security guard, and a soldier could become a colonel.

The habit of training still remained, and such a man could continue training two or three times a week. But a well-fed life led to excess body fat. The strength of the muscles still remained, but the athletic body was already hidden behind pre-obesity.

Such a man with developed muscles would like to regain an athletic body, and the «Size/Quarter» method will be a good helper.


Normal weight with muscles

Normal weight with muscle is the finish of the «Size/Quarter» method.

Normal weight ends with the formula «height minus 100». Then either pre-obesity or the intake of anabolic hormones begins.

Normal weight with muscles is an athletic body that many people admire.

The «Size/Quarter» method does not pretend to train athletes with harm to health, but helps ordinary people to get an athletic body and stay healthy.

People who have an athletic body, but do not participate in sports competitions, look young and live long.

The «Size/Quarter» method has been tested by the experience of my clients.

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