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Many people want to lose weight, but few want to get better. Moreover, people want not only to lose weight, but to lose weight quickly.

«Size/Quarter» is a method for those who want to get better and those who don\’t rush to lose muscle.

Weekly progress using the «Size/Quarter» method is measured in tenths of weight and tenths of strength.

To get an athletic body from pre-obesity without muscle, you need to lose weight and increase muscle strength.

Most people who lose one kilogram of weight per week lose muscle too. Losing muscle is very bad.


People who lose weight quickly do not realize that they are losing muscle because they do not track a workout diary, which means they do not see a decrease in muscle strength from week to week.

Practice has shown that with a weight loss of two tenths of a kilogram per week, muscle strength continues to increase. If weight is lost faster, then muscle strength decreases.

The standard for the first year of training according to the «Size/Quarter» method is a weight loss of two tenths of a kilogram per week with an increase in muscle strength also by two tenths.

Increasing muscle strength means increasing reps.

Most beginners increase the exercise load too quickly, often get injured and go to the doctor more often than to workout.


The muscles adapt to the exercise load in a week, but the ligaments and tendons in two months.

The «Size/quarter» method is a method of getting an athletic body without injuries. So the reps increase from week to week, and the load in kilograms from quarter to quarter.

In the «Size/Quarter» method, reps are measured to the nearest tenth. We do not write in the workout diary that we pull up 8-10 reps. We write exactly, for example, 8.7 reps.

The rate of increase in muscle strength for the first year of training is two-tenths per week.

If you want to suffer from strict diets and intense training, then your doctor will be richer. But if you want an athletic body without injuries, then track your weekly progress in your workout diary.

To get your workout diary, send me a message

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