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What is «Size/Quarter»?

«Size/Quarter» is a method that guarantees one size improvement in body shape in three months.

One size is an average of minus 4 cm in the waist or plus a centimeter of muscle in the biceps.

«Size/quarter» is not a decrease or increase in body size, but an improvement in shape – a decrease where needed and an increase where needed.

What is the final goal of the «Size/Quarter» method?

The final «Size/Quarter» goal is for a busy person to get 80% of their ideal shape in 3 years.

«Size/Quarter» is a way to get maximum results for ordinary managers, directors, salespeople, housewives.

If you have a job and a family, «Size/Quarter» is the surest way to get an athletic body. You will not be an athlete, but you will look like an athlete.


What does the «Size/Quarter» method consist of?

The «Size/Quarter» method is not a new exercise, but a new accounting method that has no analogues. The secret of the method is in a special workout and nutrition diary.

How much strength workout should you do per week?

The minimum strength training time is 90 minutes per week. These 90 minutes can be broken down into short workouts of 10 minutes.

You don\’t need to look for an hour of time to train. If during the day you have breaks of 10 minutes, then the «Size/Quarter» method is for you.

What strength exercises should you do?

There are three main movements in the «Size/Quarter» method. You can choose to exercise in the gym, at home or outdoors with your body weight.

For workouts at home, you will need either a horizontal bar, hanging loops, or one dumbbell. This is the minimal-equipment for workouts at home.


What is the nutrition in the «Size/Quarter» method?

«Size/Quarter» meals are your usual meals with minor modifications. All you need to do is increase the protein content in your diet to at least 20% and reduce the calorie intake to your individual level.

Simple conclusion

You will be able to follow simple rules while retaining the freedom to choose food and exercise.

The «Size/Quarter» method has been tested by the experience of my clients.

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