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Персональный фитнес-тренер Лев Гончаров
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  "Not listis Shine - listes on the constancy!" - A. C. Suvorov

Experience training:
- 7 years of struggle;
- 3 years of weightlifting;
- 10 years of bodybuilding.



Competitive experience:
- champion of the region to fight;
- champion of the region weightlifting;
- champion of Russia in bodybuilding;
- European champion fitness.



- Experience in securities - 20 years;
- Experience in fact - 29 years: in 10 years has taught my mother to do push-UPS
- Number of clients 2 thousand people.
- Number of training sessions 30 thousand hours.



Holds regular scientific methods, which have acquired while working in the network clubs.
Has successful experience of the speaker at the Convention "Planet Fitness"



Has the author's method, which is the usual technique combines in unusual combinations.
This combination gives a guaranteed result.


If you pass the interview, you will get guaranteed results.
You pay for results and not for the use of the fitness club.


The interview can go by phone: 8(916)611-73-72
Or fill in the feedback form, and a lion he will contact you!